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Quality Products need Quality Packaging,

the Khaki Tree Difference.


At Khaki Tree, we understand that quality doesn’t stop at what’s inside our product. Premium quality means focusing on what our carefully crafted CBD comes delivered in, too.

We’ve taken extra steps to ensure our products can distinguish themselves from the mass of CBD products available across this fast-growing industry.

Today, we want to highlight the reasons why we use the sustainable packaging we do and what makes our CBD not only unique, but purely superior in quality.

The Secret of our CBD Tinctures.

It’s typical to see CBD tinctures dressed up in an amber bottle. The amber, darker-colored bottle is meant to help protect the product against heat and harmful light, which can degrade the cannabinoids and other precious hemp compounds inside.

We wanted to take protection against UV rays to another level, so we put in the extra investment to have our CBD tinctures packaged in high-quality, reusable, sustainable Violet Glass instead – and the difference is palpable.

What’s Violet Glass?

Crafted in Switzerland, the Violet Glass we use for our tincture bottle doesn’t allow light from the visible light spectrum to penetrate into the bottle. Decomposition of sensitive materials can happen from being exposed to the visible light spectrum, so this makes our tinctures highly protected from UV rays and other harmful exposure that would degrade the potency of the product.

Translation? Our tinctures provide quality protection for long-term storage, increasing the shelf life of our product and preserving its beneficial compounds.

What are the benefits of Violet Glass?

There’s more than just one reason why we use the Miron Violet Glass to store our tinctures. Beyond providing protection in the visible spectrum from blue to red and providing quality protection for a longer-term storage option, the bottles are also 100% recyclable and reusable.

That means once you’re finished with your tincture, you can reuse the bottle for any sort of craft project you might have in mind. Alternatively, you can save the bottles up prior to recycling a batch of them at a time. This makes disposing of our CBD tinctures less of a hassle to the earth and more of a benefit for anyone using them.

What are the difference between Amber and Violet Glass?

Amber bottles are the most frequently seen in the CBD industry, so why aren’t we using them? The answer is simple, though massive: amber glass can block UVB and UVA rays, which are bacteria-killing forms of light, but it allows in light from the visible spectrum.

Violet Glass, on the other hand, blocks any light from the visible spectrum and instead lets in the bacteria-killing UVB and UVA rays. Both types of glass still let in infrared rays, but it’s easy to see how our violet glass bottles are superior to amber ones.

Going Above and Beyond with our Lids

Roughly just as important as the bottle itself is the cap that keeps it all sealed in. We don’t just pick superior quality when it comes to the bottles – rather, we’re looking at the entire package. Proudly, we can say that the dropper tops for our CBD tinctures are a unique, leakproof dropper cap design that ensures you’re never wasting a drop.

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